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Wushu is a Chinese form of martial arts. Wushu means the art of fighting. Wushu has changed sport and is considered a cultural art form practiced throughout the world. The emphasis in modern-day wushu has shifted from combat to performance. Wushu combines martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, and spirituality to provide one of the most challenging forms of personal growth both physically and emotionally.

ISU’s Wushu team is a member of the USA Wushu Federation and has proudly participated in numerous Wushu tournaments at UC Berkley and University of San Francisco. ISU’s Wushu team, as part of the USA National Wushu San Shou team, also participated in the Kung-Fu Wushu World Championships in Spain in 1995. USA Natioanl Team won 4 World Cups, of which 2 were won by ISU’s team members for compulsory weapons forms with a broadsword and compulsory form. In Cordoba, Spain Head Coach Ken performed a demonstration which is still remembered by all today. He was also an honorary referee and assistant match-maker during the sparring matches. ISU offers both contemporary and traditional wushu classes for young and old alike.