International Sports Union (ISU) is a training center located at 7283 Bellaire in North Hollywood , California 91605. At ISU we offer boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA), karate, wushu, and gymnastics. ISU is a non-profit organization whose future goal is to allow children of all ages to be able to become members of ISU, participate in various sports, and do so without any financial obligations. Sifu Ken, the founder of ISU, has over 30 years of experience in the field of sports and martial arts. We have Olympian and World Champion instructors and coaches, who are dedicated to passing their expertise and knowledge in well-training to all the aspiring athletes at ISU.

ISU, throughout its 20 years of establishment, has had many athletes who have successfully competed and earned titles such as State Champions, National Champions, World Champions, European Champions, Asian Champions, and Junior Olympic Champions. ISU also works with the short-film industry, and several movies have been filmed at the ISU facility.

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